This page presents a list of thumbnail images of Hiram’s art. Click on any image to see a larger, more detailed version.

Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky
India Ink Paintbrush – This is a rendering of my favorite musician, Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.

Picasso-India Ink Paintbrush Picasso
India Ink Paintbrush – Here is a rendering of cubist painter Pablo Picasso. This is a piece I did shortly after I did Stravinsky. Both works are from a book of photo portraits by Karsh.

Jerry Garcia-India Ink Paintbrush Jerry Garcia
India Ink Paintbrush – I did this piece a week after he died.

BarryBonds.JPG (39445 bytes) Barry Bonds
Marker – This sketch of Giants outfielder Barry Bonds was done with a black felt pen.

MichaelJordan.JPG (59491 bytes)

Michael Jordan
Ink Pen

PointerSisters.JPG (41692 bytes)

Pointer Sisters

beatles1.jpg (48332 bytes) Beatles
Pencil – A slightly warped rendering of the fab 4. This piece captures the drugged phase of their musical productivity with everyone looking alone and withdrawn.

beatles2.jpg (28864 bytes) Beatles
Pen – A freer style of rendering.

canoe paddler.jpg (29996 bytes) Row Boat
Ink – A time to reflect. That is E. Hemingway in the boat.

canoe paddlers.jpg (57284 bytes) Canoe

coltrane.jpg (177057 bytes) John Coltrane
Pencil – Spiritually enlightened.

football catch.jpg (42971 bytes) Jerry Rice
India Ink/Paintbrush/Rapidograph Pen – Young to Rice…touchdown at Candlestick Park.

football tacle.jpg (51791 bytes) Tackle
Rapidograph Pen – Caught from behind.

giants slide.jpg (41394 bytes) Sliding Home
Pencil – Once a giant, Glen Allen Hill slides into home.

hawaiian girl 1.jpg (18921 bytes) Hawaiian Girl
Pencil – Keiki O Ka Aina. The children are our future but she looks worried.

hawaiian girl 2.jpg (31398 bytes) Hawaiian Woman
Pencil – Fierce beauty.

hendix in jacket.jpg (36911 bytes) Hendrix (in coat)
Pencil – Standing in a uniform type coat, the young Jimi stares out from the paper.

hendrix right handed again.jpg (20945 bytes) Hendrix
India ink – As if in pain, Jimi delivers a soul wrenching barrage of sound. I intentially left out the guitar because the photographer reversed the image. Jimi is left handed.

hendrix right handed.jpg (50675 bytes) Hendrix
Pencil – Jimi expresses himself totally and soulfully. Notice the intentional absence of his guitar again.

Jagger.jpg (43439 bytes) Mick Jagger
Pencil – The young Mick with his patented lips.

madona eyes closed.jpg (36524 bytes) Madonna
Pencil – Striking a pose.

madona hands.jpg (28465 bytes) Madonna
Ink Pen – Framed by her own hands.

maguire swinging.jpg (29786 bytes) Mark Maguire
Pencil – The homerun king.

nude.jpg (26901 bytes) Nude

red shoes.jpg (61048 bytes) The Red Shoes
Pencil – Drawn from a photo of the classic movie.

rodeo.jpg (50121 bytes) Rodeo

skater.jpg (26121 bytes) The Skater
Pencil – Ice dancing from a newspaper ph

Stravinsky Collage.jpg (79003 bytes) Stravinsky
Pencil – Stravinsky is seen from different angles.

tiki.jpg (40126 bytes) Tiki

tuba clown.jpg (25894 bytes) Tuba Clowns


Akaka Falls/Pencil Drawing


Stevie Ray Vaughn/India Ink and Brush


Mamala Bay/Frapie pen on plastic cover of my daughters hula outfit case.


From unknown photo/Black marker


Hibiscus/Rapidograph Pen


Newspaper Photo/Ballpoint Pen


Bradduh Iz

Israel Kamakawaiwaiole/Wood Burn on an Ipo

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